Bacterial strains and plasmids

identification no.
Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionSource or
W3110W3110ALaboratory E. coli K-12 derivative strain, F λ aroA::Tn1019
358KIM6+Y. pestis KIM6+, pCD1a18, 19
44KIM6+ ∆phoPY. pestis KIM6+, pCD1, ∆phoP18
48KIM6+ ΔlpxP ΔmsbBY. pestis KIM6+, pCD1, ∆lpxP ΔmsbB19
467KIM6+/pWSK29-lpxEFnY. pestis KIM6+, pCD1, carrying pWSK29-lpxEFnThis work
pCVD442-pagPYpRepsacB suicide plasmid to facilitate allelic exchange of pagPYpRepThis work
470KIM6+ pagPYpRep/pWSK29-lpxFFnY. pestis KIM6+, pCD1, with a repaired pagPYp and transformed
by pWSK29-lpxFFn
This work
440KIM6+ ΔlpxP ΔmsbB pagPYpRepY. pestis KIM6+, pCD1, ∆lpxP ΔmsbB pagPYpRepThis work
439KIM6+ ∆lpxP pagPYpRepY. pestis KIM6+, pCD1, ∆lpxP pagPYpRepThis work
  • a pCD1, lacking pCD1.