Relative fold changes of P. aeruginosa LESB58 mRNA transcripts from abscesses 3 days postinfectiona

GeneDescriptionFunction or productFold changeb
pvdE (PA2397)Pyoverdine siderophore ABC transporterIron uptake124.8
toxA (PA1148)Exotoxin A type II secretion system substrateExotoxin A24.9
wzz (PA3160)Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) O-antigen chain length regulatorSurface LPS24.4
fimT (PA4549)Type 4 pilus biogenesis proteinAdherence17.9
lipC (PA4813)Lipase type II secretion system substrateLipase C13.2
lipA (PA2862)Major lipase type II secretion system substrateLipase A10.4
chpE (PA0417)Probable chemotaxis proteinChemotaxis8.2
pchB (PA4230)Pyochelin siderophore biosynthesisIron uptake8.2
exsA (PA1713)Type III secretion transcriptional activatorType III secretion8.0
mucC (PA0765)Positive regulator for alginate biosynthesisExopolysaccharide6.8
fliI (PA1104)Flagellum-specific ATP synthaseMotility5.4
pslD (PA2234)Psl exopolysaccharide biosynthesisBiofilm matrix5.4
relA (PA0934)Stringent stress response mediator ppGpp synthesisStringent response1.2
nirQ (PA0520)Denitrification regulatory proteinN metabolism−1.2
algR (PA5261)Global two-component response regulatorRegulator−1.6
lasR (PA1430)Transcriptional regulator for LasRI systemQuorum sensing−2.0
pscI (PA1722)Type III secretion export proteinType III secretion−2.5
rhlB (PA3478)Rhamnolipid rhamnosyltransferase chain BBiosurfactant−2.6
lasB (PA3724)Elastase type II secretion system substrateElastase−2.9
rhlR (PA3477)Transcriptional regulator for RhlRI systemQuorum sensing−6.9
phzA2 (PA1899)Phenazine biosynthesisPhenazine−12.8
gacA (PA2586)Two-component system response regulatorGlobal activator−14.6
  • a Transcript abundance was determined by quantitative RT-PCR. Data represent the means of results from at least 3 replicates.

  • b Data represent fold changes compared to cells grown in LB medium.