DG70 MICs in drug-susceptible, drug-resistant, and menG-overexpressing strains of M. tuberculosis and BCGa

Strain and supplementDrug resistanceStrain typeMIC90 (µg/ml) of drug:
M. tuberculosis
    H37Rv + 400 µM MK4NoLab9.60.05
    TDR 31INH, RIF, EMB, KAN, SM, CAPClinical1.2>3.15
    TDR 116INH, EMB, PASClinical9.6>3.15
    TDR 36INH, RIF, EMBClinical3.13>3.15
    TDR 91RIF, EMB, INHClinical4.8>3.15
    BDQr H37RvBDQClinical4.80.05
    PA824r H37RvPA824Lab4.80.05
M. bovis
    BCG + 300 µM MK4NDLab9.8ND
  • a Abbreviations: EMB, ethambutol; RIF, rifampin; INH, isoniazid; KAN, kanamycin; SM, streptomycin; CAP, capreomycin; PAS, para-aminosalicylic acid; BDQ, bedaquiline; HYG, hygromycin B; ND, not determined. MIC90 values were determined by microtiter alamarBlue assay. All MIC90 assays were performed in triplicates.