Virologic and immunologic correlates of time to viral rebound in each age group

P valueKendall's
P value
Preselected variables
    Plasma VL at ART starta−0.7860.032NAe−0.8860.022NA
    ADCC antibody titer on ARTa−0.4140.251NA−0.7010.064NA
    CD4+ CD69+ T cells on ARTb0.2760.444NA−0.0780.837NA
    CH505 T/F-neutralizing antibody titer at ART starta−0.540.152NA−0.3220.404NA
Exploratory variables
    Virologic and humoral responses
        Peak plasma VLa011−0.8560.0240.04
        CH505 gp120-specific IgG pre-ARTa−0.690.0560.14−0.8560.0240.04
        CH505 gp120-specific IgG on ARTa−0.690.0560.14−0.7010.0640.08
        Tier 1 MW965-neutralizing antibody pre-ARTa−0.5520.1260.158−0.8560.0240.04
        sCD4-blocking antibodies pre-ARTc−0.5520.1260.158−0.5450.150.15
    CD4+ T cell phenotypes and inflammatory responses
        CD4+ T cells pre-ARTb0.1380.7020.9360.0780.8370.837
        CD4+ T cells on ARTb0110.2340.5370.781
        HLA-DR+ CD4+ T cells on ARTb0.2760.4440.936−0.0780.8370.837
        Ki67+ CD4+ T cells on ARTb−0.2760.4440.9360.0780.8370.837
        PD-1+ CD4+ T cells on ARTb0.1380.7020.9360.5450.150.781
        G-CSF on ARTb0.3570.330.936−0.4180.2890.781
        IL-12 on ARTd−0.3570.330.936−0.2610.5110.781
        IL-15 on ARTd−0.1380.7020.9360.3220.4040.781
        IL-18 on ARTd0.5520.1260.9360.4050.3430.781
        IL-1RA on ARTd0.1380.7020.9360.3890.3040.781
        IL-8 on ARTd0.1380.7020.9360.0780.8370.837
        MCP-1 on ARTd−0.4140.2510.936−0.2340.5370.781
        MIP-1α on ARTd0.0770.8380.9670.4050.3430.781
        TNF-α on ARTd0.3570.330.9360.2340.5370.781
        VEGF on ARTd−0.0710.8460.9670.0870.8270.837
        sCD40L on ARTd011−0.2340.5370.781
  • a Values are expressed as log10.

  • b Values are expressed as absolute counts per nanoliter of blood.

  • c Values are expressed as percentages.

  • d Values are expressed as concentrations in pg/mL.

  • e NA, not applicable since multiple adjustment was not performed on preselected parameters.