Characteristics of clade I and clade II plasmids in this study

Size (bp)Incompatibility
AMR genes
pKLP155-1I (A1)172,196IncFIB(K)aadA2, aph(3')-Ia, blaKPC-2, blaTEM-1A, blaOXA-9, catA1, dfrA12, mphA, sul1
pKLP155-2I (A1)96,242IncFIB(pQIL)None
pKLP155-3I (A1)45,730IncRaac(3)-IVa, aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, aadA2, aph(4)-Ia, cml, sul3
pKLP155-4I (A1)29,709Not foundNone
pKLP155-5I (A1)9,506ColRNAIColicin immunity protein-encoding gene
pKp41I (B)113,626IncFIB(pQIL)blaKPC-2, blaTEM-1A, blaOXA-9
pKp28I (C)83,399IncFIA(HI1)blaKPC-2, blaTEM-1A, blaOXA-9, dfrA14
pKLP268-1II (D)43,370IncX3blaSHV-12
pKLP268-2II (D)71,802IncFIA(HI1)aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, blaKPC-3, blaOXA-9, dfrA14, strAB, sul2
pKLP268-3II (D)212,419IncFIB(K)aadA2, catA1, dfrA12, mphA, sul1
pKLP157-1II (F)172,181IncFII(pBK30683)aac(6')-Ib, aadA1, blaKPC-3, blaSHV-11, blaTEM-1A, blaOXA-9, dfrA14, strAB, sul2