Summary of sample characteristics and analyses performed in this study

Sample nameGeoB no.aLocationSampling areaSample descriptionSampling core type (depth [cm])Water depth (m)Analysis(es)
Oily sediment19351-1421°53.964′N, 93°26.226′WChapopoteOily sediment in the vicinity of the asphalt volcanoPush (1–10)2,925Geochemical analysis 16S rRNA gene tag sequencing, microscopy visualization, cell counting, metagenomics
Asphalt flow19345‐121°53.964′N, 93°26.226′WChapopoteSolid and fresh asphalt from asphalt depositsGravity (40)2,926Geochemical analysis
Ambient sediment19351-521°53.954′N, 93°26.261′WChapopoteSediment not affected by oil or gasPush (1–10)2,90516S rRNA gene tag sequencing, cell counting
Asphalt sediment19331-122°01.354′N, 93°14.809′WMictlanSediment with solid asphalt piecesGravity (135)3,09216S rRNA gene tag sequencing, cell counting, metagenomics
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