Nontransposon ORFs mutated in passage 40 and passage 60 isolates relative to the passage 0 isolate

Passage no. and genedFunctionMutation typeMutation
Passage 40
    MSMEG_2148HNHe endonuclease domain-containing proteinFrameshiftSer534fsa
    MSMEG_5061Extracellular solute binding proteinMissenseSer249Pro
    MSMEG_5808Binding protein-dependent transporterMissenseArg117Cys
    MSMEG_6397Hypothetical proteinMissenseSer21Pro
    MSMEG_6430Hypothetical proteinMissenseThr371Lys
    MSMEG_6821NLP/P60 family proteinMissenseGln2017Arg
Passage 60
    MSMEG_0639Oligopeptide transport ATP-binding protein OppFFrameshiftLys12fsb
    MSMEG_0640Oligopeptide transport ATP-binding protein OppDMissensePhe96Leu
    MSMEG_2148HNH endonuclease domain-containing proteinMissensePro380Arg
    MSMEG_2148HNH endonuclease domain-containing proteinFrameshiftSer534fsa
    MSMEG_3677Serine/threonine protein kinaseSilentVal320Val
    MSMEG_4217DivIVA proteinMissenseGlu107Gly
    MSMEG_5061Extracellular solute binding proteinFrameshiftGlu225fsc
    MSMEG_5395Sensor histidine kinase KdpDMissenseArg627Cys
    MSMEG_6497Hypothetical proteinMissenseHis43Gln
  • a MSMEG_2148 is 544 amino acids. Ser534 frameshift hypothetically replaces the 8 C-terminal amino acids with a different 23-amino-acid sequence.

  • b MSMEG_0639 is 336 amino acids. Lys12 frameshift hypothetically replaces the 325 C-terminal amino acids with a different 24-amino-acid sequence.

  • c MSMEG_5061 is 465 amino acids. Glu225 frameshift hypothetically replaces the 241 C-terminal acids with a different 236-amino acid-sequence.

  • d Bold text indicates the genes that were mutated in WT to test for aggregation defects.

  • e His-Asn-His (HNH).