Identification of host interaction partners of GRA15a

ProteinMW (kDa)Spectrum countsNormalized total spectra
TNF receptor-associated factor 6
TNF receptor-associated factor 2
Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing
protein 2 (BIRC2)
TNF receptor-associated factor 3
  • a Shown are results from immunoprecipitation (IP) with HA antibody on stable HEK293-derived (TREX-293) cell line expressing GRA15II or ROP38 with a C-terminal HA-FLAG epitope tag under the control of the tetracycline operator. The table represents the putative host interaction partners identified through mass spectrometry analysis specific to GRA15 IP. The spectrum counts indicate the total number of peptide spectra used to identify the protein. The normalized total spectra indicate the normalization of the spectrum counts of protein peptides by the total number of spectra in the sample. MW, molecular weight.