Cryo-EM data collection, processing, and refinement statistics

Data setaAdeB reconstituted in nanodiscs
Data collection and processing
    Magnification (×)130,000
    Voltage (kV)300
    Electron microscopeKrios-GIF-K2
    Defocus range (μm)1.0–3.5
    Total exposure time (s)14
    Energy filter width (eV)20
    Pixel size (Å)1.064 (0.532)
    Total dose (e2)40
    No. of frames40
    Does rate (e2/physical pixel)3.2
    No. of micrographs3,562
    No. of initial particle images1,074,663
    No. of final particle images142,676
    Resolution (Å)2.98
    FSC threshold0.143
    Map resolution range (Å)2.67–10.52
    Model resolution cutoff (Å)2.98
    Model composition
        No. of protein residues3,056
        No. of ligands6
        Bond length (Å)0.006
        Bond angles(°)0.823
        MolProbity score1.26
        Clash score2.33
        Poor rotamers (%)0
    Ramachandran plot (%)
    CC mask0.85
    CC box0.80
    CC vol0.84
  • a RMSD, root mean square deviation; CC, correlation coefficient.