Cryo-EM data collection, refinement, and validation statistics

ParameterValue for:
Salmonella FliPQRaShigella SctRSTb
Data collection and processing
    Magnification, ×165,000 (K2), 96,000 (Falcon3)165,000 (K2)
    Voltage, kV300300
    Electron exposure, e247 (K2), 50 (Falcon3)48 (K2)
    Defocus range, μm0.5–40.5–4
    Pixel size, Å0.850.822
    Symmetry imposedC1C1
Particle images, no.
    Map resolution, Å (FSC threshold)3.65 (0.143)3.5 (0.143)
    Initial model used, PDB code6f2dNone
    Model resolution, Å (FSC threshold)3.65 (0.143)3.5 (0.143)
    Map sharpening B factor, Å2−80−111
    Model composition, no.
        Non-hydrogen atoms12,54111,416
        Protein residues16291,452
    B factors, Å2
        Bond lengths, Å0.0050.007
        Bond angles, °0.781.26
        MolProbity score2.21.9
        Poor rotamers, %0.151.4
    Ramachandran plot, %
  • a EMD-4733, PDB 6r69.

  • b EMD-4734, PDB 6r6b.

  • c RMSD, root mean square deviation.