Strains used in this study

StrainaOrganism/speciesMating typeSource of strain
CBS7118Cryptococcus wingfieldiiFrass from scolytid beetles collected in South Africa
DSM27421Cryptococcus floricolaA2B3Nectar from the flower Echium leucophaeum collected in Tenerife, Spain
CBS6039Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B1Frass of the beetle Enneadesmus forficulus collected in South Africa
CBS6273Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B2Frass of the beetle Sinoxylon ruficorne collected in South Africa
SSA790Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B2Progeny of CBS6039 × CBS6273
SSB821Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B1Progeny of CBS6039 × CBS6273
SSC103Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B1Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC104Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B2Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC118Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B2Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC119Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B2Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC120Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B2Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC123Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B1Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC124Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B2Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC125Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B1Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC128Cryptococcus amylolentusA2B1Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC129Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B1Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
SSC130Cryptococcus amylolentusA1B2Progeny of SSA790 × SSB821
  • a Strains selected for Illumina whole-genome sequencing are indicated in boldface.