ATP content in SAR11 strains in the presence of DMA, MMA, or pyruvatea

SAR11 strainRatio of ATP (SD) with:
10 μM30 μM10 μM30 μM10 μM30 μM
HTCC72112.77b,c (0.34)3.49b,c (0.36)2.20b (0.38)2.08b (0.40)1.74b (0.20)0.83 (0.08)
HTCC10622.76b,c (0.05)3.36b,c (0.09)1.46b (0.03)1.49b (0.04)1.00 (0.02)1.36 (0.05)
  • a Data are expressed as the ratio between treatments with arsenic compounds and energy-starved controls. Cells were harvested in late exponential phase, washed once with ASW, resuspended in 2 ml ASW, and starved for 16 h. Subsamples were incubated with substrates for 28 h and then assayed for ATP content. Numbers in parentheses are SD determined by propagation of error.

  • b P value significance (pairwise t test) was <0.05, compared to the value for the negative control for the given strain.

  • c P value significance (pairwise t test) was <0.05, compared to values with DMA or MMA for the given strain.