H-bond and experimental Cα-Cα distances between E28 and K30′a

Method (PDB IDs)No. of dimers% dimers with
E28∼K30′ H-bond
distance (Å)
Modeling (3J3Q and 3J3Y)b
    Hexamer2,41224.2014.45 (±2.02)
    Pentamer12086.7011.91 (±0.98)
Cryo-ET (5MCX → 5MCZ, 5MD0 → 5MD9, and 5MDA → 5MDG)c
    Hexamer10413.64 (±0.34)
    Pentamer510.05 (±0.04)
  • a H-bonds were identified using a distance threshold of 3.35 Å between E28 carboxyl oxygen and K30′ amine nitrogen.

  • b ΔCα-Cα (hexamer − pentamer) (Å), 2.54.

  • c ΔCα-Cα (hexamer − pentamer) (Å), 3.59.