Results of simple linear-regression models of childhood BMI z-score as a function of each of the predictors listed in the NoMIC cohorta

Parameterβ estimateP valueR2 (%)
Maternal overweight/obesity0.56<0.0017.28
Excessive maternal GWG0.540.0017.88
Maternal BMI0.06<0.0017.76
Child sex0.180.2540.80
Birth wt (kg)0.260.0064.52
Duration of exclusive breastfeeding–0.070.0412.55
Delivery mode0.180.2950.67
Gestational age0.040.072.00
Twin status–0.640.0074.32
Antibiotic exposure in first 30 days–0.050.8330.03
Norwegian ethnicity0.090.7540.06
Maternal education–0.240.0582.18
Maternal smoking0.350.013.95
  • a The NoMIC cohort had 165 participants. GWG, gestational weight gain.