Summary of the level of 3-3 cross-links in PG and growth phenotype of single and multiple ldt mutant strains with or without depletion of LPS exporta

Presence/absence of gene3-3 cross-linkage or phenotype in:
lptC+ strain, 3-3 CL
(area [%])b
araBplptC strain
With arabinoseNo arabinose
ldtDldtEldtFGrowth3-3 CL (area [%])Growth3-3 CL (area [%])Lysis rescue
by pldtD
  • a The table shows representative data of muropeptide analysis. The details of muropeptide profiles of repeats are shown in Table S3 in the supplemental material.

  • b Sum of the percentages of all muropeptides with 3-3 cross-links (CL) in the muropeptide profile. See Table S3 for complete data on muropeptide composition.

  • c ND, not detected. 3-3 cross-linked muropeptides were below the detection limit.

  • d −, not determined because the LptC-depleted cells lysed rapidly, preventing reliable peptidoglycan analysis.

  • e NT, not tested because cells do not lyse.