Genes containing indels or SNPs that led to amino acid changes, identified from the whole-genome variant calling analysis between 4559 and 947a

Locus tag
in 947
GeneProductChange in aa sequence in 4559 relative to 947
0862pfkAATP-dependent 6-phosphofructokinaseS212G
1153glgAGlycogen synthaseE174G
1345pncBNicotinate phosphoribosyltransferaseN434D
1631scrRHTH-type transcriptional regulatorΔL27-G28
1803rafRHTH-type transcriptional regulatorD249G
1255pyrPUracil permeaseV65A
1737piuAFe3+ import ATP-binding proteinG141V
2020ABC transporter ATP-binding proteinY508N
0330cpsECPS glycosyltransferaseL43P
1139igaImmunoglobulin A1 proteasePremature stop 1905 (4559) due to indel
1594nanBSialidase BPremature stop 362 (947) due to indel
1741pfbAPlasmin and fibronectin-binding protein AT318M
0945coiACompetence proteinE78K
1141addAATP-dependent helicase/nuclease subunit AI980M
1060Acetyl transferaseC101G
1194Cytosolic protein containing multiple CBS domainsPremature stop 104 (947) due to SNP
1731Hypothetical protein (no Pfam match)H32P
  • a Results for the raffinose pathway gene rafR are in boldface.