Strains used in this studya

StrainLab strain
OriginYr isolatedNotesReference(s)
C. pseudodiphtheriticum USU1DSM1434Nose2014CommensalThis study
C. pseudodiphtheriticum
ATCC 10700
C. accolens ATCC 49725DSM1448Cervix1991Commensal73
C. diphtheriaeDSM1380CommensalThis study
S. aureus COLDSM1450Nose1961Early MRSA isolate74
S. aureus NRS384DSM1471AbscessEarly 1990sCA-MRSA, USA300
S. aureus NRS384
transposon library
DSM14702015Mariner transposon libraryThis study
S. aureus LACDSM1485Blood2005CA-MRSA75
S. aureus JE2DSM1513S. aureus LAC derivative37, 76
S. aureus MW2DSM1483Blood1998CA-MRSA77
S. aureus 2014.NDSM1416Nose2012CommensalThis study
S. aureus 2014.N Survivor ADSM16522015Spontaneously resistant isolateThis study
S. aureus 2014.N Survivor BDSM16532015Spontaneously resistant isolateThis study
S. aureus N315DSM1634Throat1982HA-MRSA78
S. aureus Mu50DSM1633Abscess1997HA-MRSA78
S. aureus A950085DSM1685Clinical isolate79
S. aureus A970377DSM1686Clinical isolate79
S. epidermidis 1457DSM1637Commensal80
S. epidermidis 1457
DSM1687This study
S. epidermidis 1457 pTXΔ16DSM1688Empty vector controlThis study
S. saprophyticusDSM1655UrineThis study
S. aureus JE2 Tn::agrADSM164037
S. aureus JE2 Tn::agrBDSM164137
S. aureus JE2 Tn::agrCDSM163937
S. aureus JE2 Tn::agrC
DSM1654This studyComplemented strainThis study
S. aureus JE2 Tn::agrC
DSM1689This study pTXΔpsmα1-4, carries
α-psm genes
This study
S. aureus LAC ΔagrBDCADSM14862013Transduction of agr deletion
from RN6911, Tetr
S. aureus MW2 ΔagrBDCADSM14842013Transduction of agr deletion
from RN6911, Tetr
S. aureus LAC ΔpsmDSM15202012Deletions of psmβ and psmα
operons, mutation of start codon of
hld to nonsense, Specr
S. aureus LAC Δpsm
DSM15232014Complemented strain39
  • a Symbols and abbreviations: —, specific information was unavailable or not applicable. CA, community acquired; HA, hospital acquired.