SNP comparisons of pre- and post-travel non-CTX-M-producing E. coli for volunteers with the same MLSTs before and after travel

VolunteerIsolateSample collection pointa (days pre- or post-travel)MLSTPhylogenetic group
11_1a10 pre131bB2
1_1b10 pre1315B2
1_1c10 pre1311B2
1_1d10 pre13119B2
1_2a5 pre13117B2
1_2b5 pre13118B2
1_2c5 pre1316B2
1_e_1122 post1313B2
1_e_2122 post1316B2
1_e_3122 post1312B2
66_1c42 pre7317B2
6_1e42 pre7314B2
6_2a28 pre7377B2
6_2b28 pre73bB2
6_2c28 pre7314B2
6_2d28 pre7322B2
6_3a1 pre7323B2
6_3b1 pre7317B2
6_3c1 pre7327B2
6_3d1 pre7317B2
6_3e1 pre7320B2
6_3f1 pre7388B2
6c242 post731B2
6c442 post7330B2
6d1180 post7324B2
6d2180 post7324B2
6d3180 post735B2
6d4180 post7320B2
77_1a60 pre10bA
7_1b60 pre102A
7_1c60 pre102A
7_1d60 pre101A
7_1e60 pre100A
7_1f60 pre105A
7_3b7 pre102A
7_3c7 pre103A
7_3d7 pre104A
7_3e7 pre102A
7_3f7 pre102A
7a15 post1018143A
7b110 post1018141A
7b210 post1018124A
88.2a1 pre10bA
8.2b1 pre105A
8.2d1 pre102A
8.2e1 pre1017A
8.2f1 pre101A
8b216 post1017093A
8b316 post1017084A
8b416 post1017085A
8c140 post1017085A
8c240 post1017087A
8c340 post1017084A
8c440 post1017088A
8d158 post1017084A
8d258 post1013306A
8d458 post1013307A
8d558 post1017084A
1515_1c28 pre10bA
15_1d28 pre106A
15_2c14 pre1010A
15_2d14 pre1054A
15c1150 post109A
15c2150 post107A
15c3150 post1023A
15c4150 post1014A
1717_2a3 pre131bB2
17_2b3 pre13118B2
17_2c3 pre13112B2
17_2d3 pre13111B2
17_2e3 pre13127B2
17_2f3 pre1318B2
17c184 post13116B2
17c284 post13129B2
17c384 post13117B2
17c484 post13145B2
2020_1b10 pre1013568A
20_1c10 pre1013553A
20_2a4 pre1014956A
20bpp42 post10bA
20f1120 post1010A
20g1183 post1024A
20g2183 post109A
20g3183 post109A
20g4183 post1031A
  • a Sample collection point includes only fecal samples where the E. coli sequence type displayed for that volunteer was detected. For the full list of isolates, see Table S1. Boldface indicates pre-travel fecal samples, and italic indicates post-travel.

  • b Reference strain for SNP comparisons for any given volunteer. SNPs are displayed as superscripts after the ST.