Estimated numbers of endosymbiont cells within symbiont balls in eggs of different emipteran speciesa

Host speciesTaxonomic positionSymbiont speciesNo. of cells on
symbiont ball
cross section
Estimate of
symbiont cell no.
in the ball
Nasonovia sp.Sternorrhyncha: Aphidoidea: AphididaeBuchneraMultiple sections886 ± 6030
Acyrthosiphon pisumSternorrhyncha: Aphidoidea: AphididaeBuchneraMultiple sections1,872 ± 52430
Uroleucon ambrosiaeSternorrhyncha: Aphidoidea: AphididaeBuchneraMultiple sections8,223 ± 42830
Ceroputo pilosellaeSternorrhyncha: Coccomorpha: PseudococcidaeTremblaya phenacola2067–104A. Michalik, personal
Phenacoccus acerisSternorrhyncha: Coccomorpha: PseudococcidaeTremblaya phenacola2172–111A. Michalik, personal
Trionymus thulensisSternorrhyncha: Coccomorpha: PseudococcidaeTremblaya princepsb2172–111A. Michalik, personal
Greenisca brachypodiiSternorrhyncha: Coccomorpha: EriococcidaeKotejella + Arsenophonus∼100750–1,15841
Psylla alniSternorrhyncha: Psyllomorpha: PsyllidaeUnknown, two species64384–59340
Cacopsylla melanoneuraSternorrhyncha: Psyllomorpha: PsyllidaeUnknown, two species46234–36140
Ommatidiotus dissimilisAuchenorrhyncha: Fulgoromorpha: CaliscelidaeSulcia + Vidania + Sodalis81547–84439
Dictyophara europaeaAuchenorrhyncha: Fulgoromorpha: DictyopharidaeSulcia + Vidania + Sodalis∼2182,416–3,728A. Michalik, personal
Macrosteles laevisAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadellidaeSulciab + Nasuia118962–1,48542
Graphocraerus ventralisAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadellidaeSulcia + yeast1351,177–1,81743
Cicadula quadrinotataAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadellidaeSulcia only56315–48543
Deltocephalus pulicarisAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadellidaeSulcia + Nasuia∼1621,548–2,38844
Jassargus pseudocellarisAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadellidaeSulcia + Nasuia96706–1,08967
Arthaldeus pascuellusAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadellidaeSulcia + Nasuia81547–84467
Centrotus cornutusAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: MembracidaeUnknown, four species∼2102,284–3,525A. Michalik, personal
Tettigades lacertosaAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadidaeSulcia + Hodgkinia (three)63011,895–18,314This study (Fig. 4H)
Magicicada septendecimAuchenorrhyncha: Cicadomorpha: CicadidaeSulcia + Hodgkinia (complex)∼1,75055,071–84,787This study (Fig. 4L)
  • a Because bacterial species are sometimes hard to distinguish, cells of different species were counted together. For species other than aphids, the number is based on cell count on a single cross section, with the assumption that the ball was spherical and symbionts evenly distributed within the ball. The lower estimate is based on the assumption that the section was made through the center of a spherical symbiont ball; the higher estimate assumes that the section was made at 25% of the ball length. Note that these estimates may be inaccurate if the section was made even closer to the ball edge, or if the shape of the ball departed significantly from spherical.

  • b Cells of endosymbionts of two species contain endobacterial symbionts, which were not included in the counts.