Resistance phenotypes in our library of 536 S. Typhi isolatesa

PhenotypeNo. of isolates% of total
MDR, cip-R20237.69
amp-R, sxt-R, cip-R10.19
amp-R, chl-R, cip-R20.37
amp-R, cip-R539.89
amp-R, cro-R10.19
sxt-R, chl-R, cip-R254.66
sxt-R, chl-R10.19
chl-R, cip-R152.80
chl-R only10.19
cip-R only16931.53
Susceptible to all6211.57
  • a Five different antibiotics were considered: ampicillin (amp), co-trimoxazole (sxt), chloramphenicol (chl), ciprofloxacin (cip), and ceftriaxone (cro). MDR (multidrug resistance) refers to co-occurring resistance to amp, sxt, and chl. “S” and “R” refer to susceptible and resistant phenotypes, respectively (interpretations according to EUCAST-2018).