Nature and frequency of mutations in rpoB (PP_0447) conferring resistance to rifampina

MutationP. putida EM⋅DNT carrying:
pSEVA2311 (empty vector)pS2311⋅Nox (NADH oxidase)
Q518L (A → T)312729321915
Q518R (A → G)141113111110
D521G (A →G)212522192624
H531R (A → G)127515126
H531Y (C → T)8910748
S536F (C → T)9431089
L538I (C → A)1111351121
  • a The percentage of amino acid changes in RpoB is indicated along with the DNA mutation from which the substitution originated. These percentages were calculated by sequencing an internal region of rpoB in at least 90 rifampin-resistant clones under each experimental condition. The mutations indicated in the list were selected since they were observed across all the experimental conditions tested. The remaining point mutations are grouped as “other.” DMSO, dimethyl sulfoxide; 2,4-DNT, 2,4-dinitrotoluene; CHX, cyclohexanone.