Models for studying QS in cooperative and competitive microbial interactions

Model referenceSpeciesFunction
Cooperation models
    Casein liquid cultureP. aeruginosaCooperative protease production (46, 48, 49)
V. choleraeCooperative protease production (52)
C. violaceumCooperative protease production (45)
V. harveyiCooperative protease production (51)
    SwarmingB. subtilisCooperative rhamnolipid production (53, 58, 60)
P. aeruginosaCooperative rhamnolipid production (59)
    BiofilmP. aeruginosaCooperative protease production (56)
    Ex vivo infectionP. aeruginosaCooperative virulence factor production (64)
    In vivo infectionP. aeruginosaCooperative virulence factor production (62)
S. aureusCooperative virulence factor production (50)
Competition and models of multispecies interactions
    Dual-species liquid cultureB. thailandensis-C. violaceumAntimicrobial production and AHL-dependent eavesdropping (104)
Serratia plymuthica-Escherichia coliAntimicrobial production (140, 141)
P. aeruginosa-B. cepacia speciesAntimicrobial production (47, 134)
P. aeruginosa-A. tumefaciensAntimicrobial production (133)
P. aeruginosa-S. aureusAntimicrobial production (47)
P. aeruginosa-B. cenocepaciaAHL-dependent eavesdropping (113)
    BiofilmB. thailandensisContact-dependent toxin delivery (40, 83)
P. aeruginosa-A. tumefaciensAntimicrobial production and swarming (133)
S. plymuthica-E. coliAntimicrobial production (140)
S. gordonii-P. gingivalisBiofilm growth (AI-2 [142])
S. oralis-A. naeslundiiBiofilm growth (AI-2 [143])
    In situP. aureofaciens/P. fluorescens-Gaeumannomyces graminisPhenazine production (102)
P. syringae-plant epiphytesPlant virulence, AHL-dependent eavesdropping (112)
    Mimicking in vivo growthP. aeruginosa-S. aureusAHL-dependent competition (135)
E. faecalisConjugation (136)