Microarray comparison of gene expression in Δαβhld and Δαβhld ΔpmtR mutant strainsa

New NCBI IDOld IDGeneFunctionP valueFold changeb
MW_RS10215MW1875pmtRGntR type transcriptional regulator0.01817−50.9
MW_RS10210MW1874pmtAABC transporter ATPase domain0.019057.3
MW_RS10205MW1873pmtBABC transporter membrane domain0.0192114.6
MW_RS10200MW1872pmtCABC transporter ATPase domain0.019218.0
MW_RS10195MW1871pmtDABC transporter membrane domain0.0192111.7
  • a All of the differentially regulated genes that passed significance tests are shown.

  • b ΔpmtR mutant versus control.