Summary of Hcp secretion and bacterial killing data in Fig. 3a

A. baumannii ATCC 17978 strainHcp secretionaBacterial killingb
T6+ ΔtssM+
T6+ ΔvgrG1++++
T6+ ΔvgrG2+++++++
T6+ ΔvgrG3+++++++
T6+ ΔvgrG4+++++++
T6+ ΔvgrG12++
T6+ ΔvgrG13+++
T6+ ΔvgrG14+++++
T6+ ΔvgrG23+++++
T6+ ΔvgrG24+++++++
T6+ ΔvgrG34++++++
T6+ ΔvgrG123++
T6+ ΔvgrG124+
T6+ ΔvgrG134++
T6+ ΔvgrG234+++++
T6+ ΔvgrG1234+
T6+ ΔvgrG34 Δtse2+++++
T6+ ΔvgrG24 Δtse3+++++
  • a Symbols: ++++, wild type; +++, moderately impaired; ++, impaired; +, severely impaired; −, not detected.

  • b Symbols: +++, wild type; ++, impaired; +, severely impaired.