Predicted ORFs in cyanophage A-1 with high similarity to cyanobacterial genes

ORFLength (bp)StrandaSignificant hitOrganism (accession no.)E value% Identity (no. of shared aa)b
11,359FTerminase large subunitNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY48994.1)2.28e−5430 (129)
21,605FHypothetical proteinNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY48995.1)7.16e−1721 (113)
91,521FTail sheath proteinNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49006.1)1.14e−6938 (137)
161,416RLysozyme-like domain, rare lipoprotein AAnabaena variabilis ATCC 294132.3e−1957.7 (60)
19738RHypothetical proteinNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49010.1)9.39e−1129 (67)
23891RExonuclease RNase T and DNA polymeraseCyanobacterium aponinum PCC 106051.63e−0827 (48)
26813FPhage-related baseplate assembly proteinNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49015.1)1.46e−3234 (91)
32738FBaseplate J phage tailNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49018.1)3.76e−3341 (94)
34576FPhage tail protein (tail_P2_I)Nostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49020.1)5.63e−4059 (77)
351,389FHypothetical proteinNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49021.1)4.83e−5737 (157)
361,140FTail collar proteinNostoc sp. strain PCC 7524 (AFY49022.1)2.1e−5250 (149)
392,016RDNA Pol BCyanothece sp. strain PCC 74257.00e−11540.4 (237)
54939RPutative ant AntA/AntB antirepressorLeptolyngbya sp. strain PCC 73751.90e−2445 (51)
59618RDNA N-6-adenine-methyltransferaseSynechocystis sp. strain PCC 75091.00e−0627.3 (44)
721,209FTransposaseNostoc sp. strain PCC 71200388 (100)
75417FHypothetical proteinCalothrix sp. strain PCC 71032.59e−4858 (98)
86600FdCTP deaminase/dUTPase superfamilyCyanothece sp. strain PCC 74252.00e−7667.3 (134)
89888FDNA methylase N-4/N-6 domain proteinArthrospira maxima1.00e−6549.4 (133)
90432FEndo-DNase RusACyanothece sp. strain PCC 74258.00e−04
28.4 (29)
92780RThymidylate synthase complementing proteinChlorobium phaeobacteroides BSI4.38e−3938.4 (86)
  • a F, forward; R, reverse.

  • b aa, amino acids.