Predicted ORFs in cyanophages A-1 and N-1 with similarity to T4-like genes

T4 core gene productCyanophageA-1Cyanophage N-1
E valuePhage hitE valuePhage hit
gp5 baseplate hub + tail lysozyme4.00e−5Phage RB494.00e−5Cyanophage S-PM2
gp17 terminase DNA-packaging enzyme large subunit4.00e−2Cyanophage S-PM24.00e−2Cyanophage S-PM2
Gp41 DNA primase-helicase2.00e−13Cyanophage S-PM21.00e−11Cyanophage S-RSM4
gp43 DNA Pol B4.00e−5Phage Aeh19.00e−6Phage Aeh1
Thymidylate synthase1.00e−35Cyanophage S-CRM019.00e−32Cyanophage P-SSM4