Multiple regression analysis of the contribution of baseline HAI titer and NAI titer in reduction of disease severity

Disease severity metric and variableβSEP valuea
Duration of shedding
    HAI titer−0.112170.079610.164
    NAI titer−0.416080.08180<0.001*
Duration of symptoms
    HAI titer−0.17930.26220.497
    NAI titer−0.71110.26950.011*
No. of symptoms
    HAI titer−0.90640.144420.533
    NAI titer−0.559860.14840<0.001*
Symptom severity score
    HAI titer0.48854.13310.906
    NAI titer−15.30064.2470<0.001*
  • a Statistically significant P values are indicated with an asterisk.