Number of DEGs with a change of greater than ±1.5-fold, a P value of < 0.05, and an FDR of <0.1%

Condition 1 (no. of subjects)Condition 2 (no. of subjects)No. of DEGs at:
V1kV2lV5mAll time points
All Lyme disease (29)Control (13)1,2351,060686644
Resolved Lyme disease (15)Control (13)1,0211,090238524
Persistent symptomsa (13)Control (13)1,358576181641
Persistent symptomsa (13)Resolved Lyme disease (15)0001d
Non-PTLDSb (9)Resolved Lyme disease (15)0001e
PTLDSc (4)Resolved Lyme disease (15)1f003g
PTLDSc (4)Resolved Lyme disease + non-PTLDSb (24)0002h
Disseminated EM (12)Single EM (17)0000
Seronegative (8)Seropositive (20)1i004j
Control (8)Control (5)NAnNANA0
  • a All patients with persistent symptoms following treatment completion.

  • b Non-PTLDS (persistent symptoms with no functional decline).

  • c PTLDS (persistent symptoms with functional decline).

  • d GPR15.

  • e MIAT.

  • f GPR15.

  • g CCDC163P, GRP15, ZNF266.

  • h GPR15, ZNF266.

  • i HLA-DQB1.


  • k Acute Lyme disease diagnosis, pretreatment.

  • l After 3-week antibiotic treatment.

  • m At 6 months post-treatment.

  • n NA, not applicable.