Interactions of recombinant R. bromii dockerin and cohesin modules determined by a microarray approacha

DockerinInteractionAssociated domain(s)
Coh1 (Amy4)Coh2 (Sca2)Coh3 (Sca3)Coh4 (Sca4)
    CBL14720.1++++++++++++++++++2× LRR
    Amy4+++++++++++++++++GH13, Coh1
    Amy10++++++++++++++++GH13, CBM26, CBM48
    CBL14836.1+Cysteine protease
    Amy12+++++++GH13, CBM48
  • a Proteins were expressed as recombinant products (CBM fusions [cohesins] and XYN fusions [dockerins]) in E. coli (see Materials and Methods). LRR, = leucine-rich repeat. +++++, very strong; ++++, strong; +++, moderate; ++, weak; +, very weak; −, none.