Activity of R. bromii L2-63 native amylases against different starchesa

Type of starchTotal culture activity (%) under indicated condition
Potato starch (Sigma, S2004)1006.2
High-amylose corn starch (Sigma, S4180)44.118.8
Corn starch (Sigma, S9679)83.024.6
Novelose 330 (National Starch)55.827.3
  • a Enzyme preparations from stationary-phase cultures grown for 48 h in RUM medium with boiled 0.2% Novelose 330 as the energy source were used. Data are shown as percentages of the activity obtained for boiled potato starch, based on the means of the results of triplicate assays (SD were less than 1% of the mean in all cases) combining data from supernatant, washings and residual pellet fractions.