Assessment of VirCapSeq-VERT efficiency by using quantitated viral nucleic acids to spike lung and blood host nucleic acid

PoolHost backgroundVirusbLoadaLibrary preparation
1a200 ng lung NAFLUAV (Orthomyxoviridae);
segmented negative-strand RNA, 13 kb/8 segments
2 × 104Conventional/HTS
MERS-CoV (Nidovirales, Coronaviridae);
nonsegmented positive-strand RNA, 30 kb
2 × 104
EV-D68 (Picornavirales, Picornaviridae);
nonsegmented positive-strand RNA, 7 kb
3 × 105
1bSame as pool 1aSame as pool 1aSame as pool 1aVirCapSeq-VERT
2a200 ng blood NADENV-3 (Flaviviridae);
nonsegmented positive-strand RNA, 11 kb
5 × 105Conventional/HTS
WNV (Flaviviridae);
nonsegmented positive-strand RNA, 11 kb
9 × 103
EBOV (Mononegavirales, Filoviridae);
nonsegmented negative-strand RNA, 19 kb
2 × 103
CVV (Bunyaviridae);
segmented negative-strand RNA, 12 kb/3 segments
8 × 103
HHV-1 (Herpesvirales, Herpesviridae);
nonsegmented double-strand DNA, 152 kb
2 × 105
2bSame as pool 2aSame as pool 2aSame as pool 2aVirCapSeq-VERT
  • a Determined by qPCR of double-stranded cDNA/DNA used for sequence library construction.

  • b FLUAV, influenza A virus H3N2; MERS-CoV, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus; EV-D68, enterovirus D68; DENV-3, dengue virus 3; WNV, West Nile virus; EBOV, Ebola virus; CVV, Cache Valley virus; HHV-1, herpes simplex virus 1.