Relative abundance of signature taxa in resolvers and pustule formersa

Outcome and signature taxonomical groupRelative abundance (%) at:
PreDay 1Day 2Day 5EndTOC
Organisms in resolvers
    Propionibacterium spp.39.99b42.339.2b
        P. acnes38.97b*42.0238.3
Organisms in pustule formers
    Micrococcus spp.6.4b2.1c4.74.3c7.4b
        M. luteus5.94.3
    Corynebacterium spp.17.612.711.2
        C. tuberculostearicum4.005.9c4.955.9
        C. aurimucosum/C. accolens8.76.032.6
    Staphylococcus spp.41.4
        S. capitis/S. caprae30.8b24.6
  • a A taxonomical group was considered “signature” if it was detected in ≥25% of sites, comprised ≥1% (at the phylum or genus level) or 0.1% (at the OTU level) of the total microbiome of resolvers or pustule formers, and its relative abundance was significantly different (P < 0.05) between resolvers and pustule formers. Pre, preinfection; End, endpoint. *, trended towards significance.

  • b The NB model fit the data better.

  • c The ZINB model fit the data better.