Quantitation of infiltrating cells in the lungs of TRIF−/− and C57BL/6J mice following SARS-CoV infectiona

Cell categoryNo. of cells (×104)
Day 4Day 6
    Ly6Chi Mono11.024.32501,070*47.927.9394276
    Ly6Clo Mono80.887.61,6201,43028.963.5951466*
    Alveolar Mac66.180.517833834.059.4119229*
Viable lymphocyte1,0801,08010,80010,8005861,1105,9505,000
    Total T cells1802871,9301,8001202941,910972*
    CD4+ T cells67.610868962551.4159693476
    CD8+ T cells71.211962264252.41181,000398**
  • a Flow cytometry was used to measure cell populations in the lungs of mice; numbers indicate mean counts of cells from lungs. Numbers in bold indicate TRIF−/− mice infected with SARS-CoV whose results were significantly different from those determined for wild-type (WT) mice infected with SARS-CoV (*, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001 [by Student's unpaired t test]). There were no significant differences between TRIF−/− mice and wild-type mice in the numbers of cells from mock-inoculated mice.