Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference
    NZ131Wild-type S. pyogenes M49 strain64, 65
    BNL148NZ131 integrated with pBL111 Pshp2-luxAB reporter; Ermr20]
    BNL178NZ131 Δrgg3 shp3GGG shp2GGG::Pshp2-luxAB21
    MGAS315(pWAR200)S. pyogenes M3 isolate with PsigX-luxAB reporter on plasmid pWAR20037, 66
    UA159(pWAR304)S. mutans isolate with PsigX-luxAB on plasmid pWAR30435, 67
    NZ131(pWAR193)S. pyogenes M49 strain with PspeB-luxAB reporter on plasmid pWAR193; ErmrThis study
    A909(pSar110)Wild-type S. agalactiae A909 clinical isolate with Pshp1520-luxAB cloned in pLZ12-spec33, 68, 69
    GGS-LT1(pLC301)S. dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis strain with Pshp2-luxAB on pLZ12-spec33; this study
    NCTC 10999(pJC254)Wild-type S. porcinus Collins et al. (ATCC 43138) strain with Pshp3-luxAB reporter on pJC254; Specr70; this study
    p7INTShuttle-suicide vector that integrates at streptococcal bacteriophage T12 attB site; Ermr71
    pLZ12-specShuttle vector encoding spectinomycin resistance; pWV01 origin; Specr60
    pJC254227-bp upstream region of shp3 fused to luxAB genes and cloned in BamHI and EcoRI sites of pLZ12-specThis study
    pWAR368pET 15b expression vector with UA159 comR cloned into NdeI and BamHI restriction sites; AmprThis study
    pWAR193947-bp upstream region of NZ131 speB cloned in front of luxAB in p7INT; ErmrThis study
    pLC301500-bp upstream region of S. pyogenes shp2 fused to luxAB genes and cloned in pLZ12-spec; SpecrThis study