Statistical significances of differences between sample types

Overall model<0.0010.0010.005
BAL1 vs BAL20.9630.967
BAL1 vs oral<0.0010.001
BAL2 vs oral0.0010.001
BAL1 vs nasal<0.0010.001
BAL2 vs nasal<0.0010.001
BAL1 vs gastric0.0010.003
BAL2 vs gastric0.0110.006
BAL vs oral0.0010.001
BAL vs nasal<0.0010.001
BAL vs gastric0.0020.013
Oral vs nasal<0.0010.001
Oral vs gastric0.0160.002
Nasal vs gastric<0.0010.001
RDA1 (1st axis)0.005
RDA2 (2nd axis)0.005
RDA3 (3rd axis)0.025
  • a Based on θYC distance values.

  • b Function adonis in R package vegan. Hellinger transformed distances were used (method, Euclidean).

  • c Function anova.cca in R package vegan. For axis testing, the setting by = “axis” was used.