Relative quantification of E6^E7 alternative-splicing productsa

Sample nameSample type% retentionb% of an E6 splice isoform from:
nt 226 to 409nt 226 to 526nt 226 to 742
CaSkiCervical cancer cell line18.473.67.60.5
SiHaCervical cancer cell line54.339.85.60.3
20861CIN cell line13.
20863CIN cell line38.356.84.60.4
T1Cervical cancer17.040.224.418.4
T2Cervical cancer28.457.013.70.9
T3Cervical cancer55.
T4Cervical cancer18.453.826.90.9
T5Cervical cancer19.545.734.60.2
T6Cervical cancer42.045.811.60.7
T7Cervical cancer55.933.210.40.4
T8Cervical cancer24.229.532.813.5
T9Cervical cancer20.
  • a CIN, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. All samples were infected with HPV16.

  • b Refers to retention of the E6 intron (no splicing for E6 expression).