Selected ChIP-identified WhiA targets

Flanking genesaDistanceb (bp)ProductcAdjusted P valued
Left (−1)Right (+1)VFS
ftsZ158Cell division protein FtsZ2.97E−042.42E−21
ftsK11Cell division protein FtsK1.98E−18
sepF322Cell division protein SepF31.50E−31
ftsW269Cell division protein FtsW1.01E−066.49E−05
filP58Coiled-coil protein FilP2.75E−321.89E−397.12E−55
cslA54Putative cellulose synthase CslA8.68E−295.97E−511.41E−43
whiG298RNA polymerase sigma factor WhiG4.23E−16
pyrGsven1411203; 447CTP synthase; hypothetical protein2.49E−727.72E−49
sven4033cdgB271; 55Putative reductase; diguanylate cyclase CdgB2.55E−06
glpF130Glycerol uptake facilitator protein GlpF1.64E−10
sven3676sven3677130; 649Transcriptional regulator, PadR family; putative secreted
penicillin binding protein
sven4755sven4756170; 79Hypothetical protein; putative lipoprotein5.48E−04
sven3340crp−73; 259Putative endonuclease; cyclic AMP-binding protein Crp7.76E−075.18E−12
sven322914Hypothetical protein4.65E−10
sven3534sven353521; 167Putative ABC transporter ATP-binding component; hypothetical
treZ47Malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolase TreZ1.54E−17
whiA−65Sporulation transcription regulator WhiA4.50E−07
slzA133Putative coiled-coil protein SlzA3.73E−14
ftsEsven2728175; 61Cell division transporter, ATP-binding protein FtsE; putative
membrane protein
sven140691Chromosome (plasmid) partitioning ParA-like protein9.45E−23
sven5480nrdR−76; 94Hypothetical protein; ribonucleotide reductase transcriptional
regulator NrdR
pyrRbldD78; 169Pyrimidine operon regulatory protein PyrR; regulator of
morphogenesis and antibiotic production BldD
sigN271RNA polymerase sigma factor SigN3.97E−201.05E−10
sven6396wblH132; 63Transcriptional regulator, IclR family; WhiB-type transcriptional
regulator WblH
infA173Translation initiation factor 16.70E−275.30E−652.25E−48
efp191Translation elongation factor P5.64E−11
rpsH139SSU ribosomal protein S8p8.25E−141.99E−16
rpsJ75SSU ribosomal protein S10p4.50E−118.03E−06
rpsAsven1624132; 216SSU ribosomal protein S1p; hypothetical protein1.03E−06
  • a Genes flanking the ChIP peak are listed.

  • b Distance to the predicted start codon of the flanking genes.

  • c (Possible) gene function based on annotation in StrepDB (

  • d Maximum significance values (P < E−04) for the 3 ChIP samples; V, vegetative growth; F, onset of sporulation/fragmentation; S, midsporulation.