Significance tests of the differences of β-diversity among reactor communities

CommunitiesDissimilarity measurementAdonisaANOSIM bMRPPc
All four reactors groupsDS2.0350.0070.4220.0070.4180.006
Reactor group B versus CDS2.7960.0080.330.010.4180.007
  • a Nonparametric multivariate analysis of variance with the Adonis function. The degree of freedom of Adonis for the case of “All four reactor groups” was 3, and that for the case of “Reactor group B versus C” was 1.

  • b   ANOSIM, analysis of similarities.

  • c  MRPP, multiresponse permutation procedure. MRPP is a nonparametric procedure that does not depend on assumptions such as normally distributed data or homogeneous variances but rather depends on the internal variability of the data.