Summary of NTML and extra Tn insertion mutants in the S. aureus USA300 LAC JE2 genome, based on mapping software results using the USA300 FPR3757 GenBank genome

Type of insertionNTML clonesExtra insertion mutants
Transposon insertions between and within genes
All insertions1,95210016,845100
Insertions between genes004,63227
Insertions affecting ≥1 genea1,95610012,22873
Insertions affecting 2 genesa415
Insertions affecting >2 genesa00
Transposon insertions within CDS genes
All insertions1,95410012,034100
    Within the first third of gene length1,336683,88932
    Within the second third of gene length472243,93433
    Within the last third of gene length14674,21135
Distinct CDS genes2,5601002,560100
Distinct CDS with 0 insertions6152466126
Distinct CDS with ≥1 insertion1,945761,89974
    Within the first third of gene length1,3321,194
    Within the second third of gene length4721,336
    Within the last third of gene length1461,456
  • a Gene = CDS, rRNA, tRNA, pseudogene, or other gene.