PDH and ACS activities of Saccharomyces cerevisiae reference strain CEN.PK113-7D and strains expressing subunits of the PDH complex from Enterococus faecalisa

StrainRelevant genotypeEnzyme sp act (nmol/min/mg of protein)
CEN.PK113-7DACS1 ACS2 PDC1 PDC5 PDC6 PDA112 ± 2116 ± 18
IMY104acs1Δ acs2Δ pUDC140; CEN6 ARS4 pdhA pdhB aceF lpd lplA lplA253 ± 2BDL
IMX216pdc1Δ pdc5Δ pdc6Δ pda1Δ MTH1-ΔTBDL666 ± 13
IMU064pdc1Δ pdc5Δ pdc6Δ pda1Δ MTH1-ΔT pUDE333; 2µ pdhA pdhB aceF lpd lplA lplA218 ± 1ND
IMQ011pdc1Δ pdc5Δ pdc6Δ pda1Δ MTH1T pUDC140; CEN6 ARS4 pdhA pdhB aceF lpd lplA lplA230 ± 1ND
  • a All strains were pregrown in shake flasks with glucose, for strains CEN.PK113-7D and IMY104, or ethanol, for strains IMX216, IMU064, and IMQ011, as a carbon source, supplemented with 50 ng/ml lipoic acid. Averages and standard deviations were obtained from duplicate experiments. The detection limit of the enzyme assays was 3 nmol/min/mg of protein. BDL, below detection limit; ND, not determined.