Parameters for the fit of an exponential-type inhibition kinetics to the measured inhibition by O2 of denitrification and anammoxa

ProcessC50 (nM)bR2k
    N2205 (±34)0.88180.00337
    N2O297 (±139)0.55570.00233
    Total255 (±88)0.69680.00271
Anammox886 (±418)0.45420.00078
  • a Data were fitted to the following exponential function: inhibition (%) = 1 − ek × C, applying the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm (Origin 9.0; OriginLab, MA), where A is the variable coefficient given in Table 2 and C is the oxygen concentration.

  • b O2 concentration at which 50% inhibition was obtained. Standard errors are in parentheses.