Analysis of cosmid insert end sequences

CloneBLASTx result fora:
Forward readReverse read
DescriptionE value (% identity
[no. positive/total])
DescriptionE value (% identity
[no. positive/total])
C122Porphyromonas gingivalis
(4-amino-4-deoxy-l-arabinose transferase)
4e–5 (29 [40/139])Cellvibrio japonicus Ueda107
8e–136 (82 [131/162])
C424Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
(DNA-directed DNA polymerase)
1e–28 (69 [66/80])Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
(Glucuronate isomerase)
2e–103 (91 [157/163])
C762Chthoniobacter flavus
(putative PAS/PAC sensor protein)
1e–86 (78 [151/171])Sorangium cellulosum
(hypothetical protein)
2e–28 (54 [83/125])
C1024Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
(glucuronate isomerase)
2e–17 (95 [34/40])Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
2e–46 (80 [85/96])
C1088Saccharophagus degradans
(SSS sodium solute transporter superfamily)
6e–61 (68 [123/150])Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
(auxin efflux carrier)
5e–44 (75 [101/114])
C2194Dyadobacter fermentans
(ROK family protein)
1e–91 (95% [140/142])Failed sequencing
C2380Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius
(Glyoxalase/bleomycin resistance
2e–15 (52 [51/69])Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
(glucosamine fructose-6-phosphate
aminotransferase, isomerizing)
3e–105 (96 [162/163])
C2044Cellvibrio sp. strain BR
(DNA polymerase III subunit delta)
1e–71 (96 [116/118])Dyadobacter fermentans
(hypothetical protein)
9e–129 (97 [181/184])
  • a Cosmids were end sequenced with M13 forward and reverse primers flanking the site of metagenomic DNA insertion. For each clone, two end sequences were obtained and are referred to as “reverse” and “forward” reads. Top matches for BLASTx analyses are shown. Positive results are the number of amino acids from the query that match the amino acids from the subject sequence. The total number of amino acids from the subject is shown.