Overview of viral genome standards

FeatureStandard draftaHigh qualityaCoding completeaCompleteFinished
No. of contigs>1 for some segments1 per segment1 per segment1 per segment1 per segment
Open reading framesIncompleteIncompleteCompleteCompleteComplete
Estimated % of genome coveredb≥50%~80-90%~90-99%100%100%
Population-level characterizationOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalRequired
Contaminant analysisOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
  • a It is suggested that all bases included in any incomplete genome meet a minimum quality standard, with ≥5 reads supporting the consensus base call with individual base qualities of ≥20 on the Phred scale.

  • b Percentages of genome covered are not meant to serve as criteria for categorizing a genome; they are simply estimates of expected levels of coverage.