List of strains used in this study

StrainGenotype or relevant characteristicsGene overexpressed by plasmidSource or reference
CEN.PK 113-5 DMATa MAL2-8c SUC2 ura3-52NAaNAP. Kötterc
CEN.PK 506-1 CMATa URA3 HIS3 TRP1 LEU2 SUC2 MAL2-8C snf1 (4-1899)::loxP-kanMX-loxPNANAP. Kötter
SC00MATa MAL2-8c SUC2 ura3-52 snf1∆::loxP-kanMX-loxPNANAThis study
SC01SC00EmptybNAThis study
SC02SC00ACC1wtNAThis study
SC03SC00ACC1ser1157alaNAThis study
SC04SC00ACC1ser659ala,ser1157alaNAThis study
CB0CEN.PK 113-5DEmptyNA16
CAWCEN.PK 113-5DACC1wtNAThis study
CASCEN.PK 113-5DACC1ser1157alaNAThis study
CADCEN.PK 113-5DACC1ser659ala,ser1157alaNAThis study
CEN.PK 113-11 CMATa his3-Δ1 ura3-52 MAL2-8c SUC2NANAP. Kötter
CB2H1CEN.PK 113-11 CEmptyws2This study
CB2H2CEN.PK 113-11 CACC1wtws2This study
CB2H3CEN.PK 113-11 CACC1ser1157alaws2This study
CB2H4CEN.PK 113-11 CACC1ser659ala,ser1157alaws2This study
HPY15CEN.PK 113-11 CEmptymcrCaThis study
HPY16CEN.PK 113-11 CACC1wtmcrCaThis study
HPY17CEN.PK 113-11 CACC1ser1157alamcrCaThis study
HPY18CEN.PK 113-11 CACC1ser659ala,ser1157alamcrCaThis study
  • a NA, strain was not transformed with any plasmid.

  • b Empty, strain was transformed with empty plasmid.

  • c University of Frankfurt, Germany.