General properties of EGD-e, EGD, and 10403S sequences and annotations

Listeria monocytogenes strainSequenceAnnotation
Genome size (bp)No. of SNPs% G+C content No. of ORFsNo. of rRNAsNo. of tRNAsNo. of sRNAsNo. of internalinsProphage (attB integration site)
EGD-e2,944,5285 between EGD-e (7) and resequenced EGD-e392,846186715426A118 (comK)
EGD2,907,19329,016 between EGD and EGD-e; 317 between EGD and 10403S392,848186714425B025 (tRNAArg)
10403S2,903,10630,296 between 10403S and EGD-e392,814186714526A118 (comK)