Each patient’s origin and the cryptococcal strains isolated from the patients described in a previous studya

PatientRaceGenderAge (yr)AabCryptococcal speciesPatient’s origin
Identification in previous studyIdentification in this study
SpeciesMolecular type
P1CaucasianFemale20+C. neoformansNANAS. California
P2CaucasianFemale31+C. gattiiNANAS. California
P3Asian (Thai)Male48+C. neoformansNANAThailand
P4MexicanMale47+C. neoformansNANAS. California
P5African AmericanMale26+CrptococcusC. gattiiVGIIINA
P6CaucasianMale34+CrptococcusC. gattiiVGIIINew Jersey
P7CaucasianMale32+CrptococcusC. gattiiVGINew Jersey
  • a Aab, anti-GM-CSF autoantibody; S. California, Southern California; NA, not available for this study. Each patient’s identification number corresponds to that used in Table 1 of the previous article (7).