Relative transcript abundance ratios for genes encoding putative Mre family regulatory proteins in methanol-grown or trimethylamine-grown versus acetate-grown wild-type M. acetivorans strain WWM75

GeneTranscript abundancea
MA1671 (mreB)5.09 ± 0.9117.7 ± 1.9
MA3129 (mreC)1.89 ± 0.216.51 ± 0.51
MA3130 (mreD)85.7 ± 13.2393 ± 17
  • a Determined by qRT-PCR. The ΔCT values for acetate-grown cells were used as the calibrator. Values represent the averages and standard deviations of the results of two biological replicate experiments assayed in triplicate. Primer and probe sequences are listed in Table S4 in the supplemental material.

  • b Methanol grown.

  • c Acetate grown.

  • d Trimethylamine grown.