Summary of genes found to have notable dN/dS ratios

Geneap distancedGenome positionG+C contentedN/dS ratioFunction
cspEb 0.09316326500.32860.0000Cold shock protein
acpPb 0.01091019800.33760.1325Acyl carrier protein
ppiD 0.36356623770.16750.5300Outer membrane protein folding
tsf 0.32353842660.19070.5335Protein chain elongation
flgA 0.4000459520.21530.5377Flagellar biosynthesis
yrbK 0.39574549670.16570.5387Unknown
cyoD 0.35196651490.15450.5519Electron carrier
rrmJ 0.29655686410.22590.5526Methyltransferase
recC 0.38885303840.16480.5547DNA helicase
fliM 0.3302588500.17290.5598Flagellar energizing component
yraP 0.39093114930.19680.5657Lipoprotein
ygfZ 0.37913277630.18490.5674Folate-dependent regulation
yjgP 0.33893041930.16850.5927Transmembrane protein
folB 0.44532970530.18610.5936Dihydroneopterin aldolase component
ompF 0.40475224970.16800.6185Outer membrane porin
yfiO 0.35562149730.13800.6389Outer membrane protein component
holAc 0.41766397530.12930.6892DNA polymerase subunit
tolAc 0.39663608720.16270.7200Membrane-anchored protein
yeaZc 0.46784064940.17460.7509Putative protease
tigc 0.40686564180.13690.7526Molecular chaperone
impc 0.4183203290.14180.8048Envelope biosynthesis
fliKc 0.4699603690.13831.0489Flagellar hook protein
WgpWb0030.3717Plasmid0.20690.5659Transfer surface lipoprotein
  • a Genes without superscripts have dN/dS ratios that are ≥2 standard deviations above the mean.

  • b Gene with a notably low dN/dS ratio.

  • c Gene >3 standard deviations above the mean.

  • d p distance is the proportion of differences between the two species

  • e G+C content corresponds to that of the WGM gene copy.