Effect of pH-neutralizing compounds on nonlytic exocytosis rates

Method and treatment (concn)No. of macrophagesaNo. nonlytic exocytosis%P valueb
Flow cytometry
 No treatment84,33320,81924.7
 Bafilomycin A1 (100 nM)28,0176,29422.5<0.0001
 Chloroquine (10 μM)126,10060,68848.1<0.0001
 NH4Cl (20 mM)78,79423,14729.4<0.0001
Time-lapse microscopy
 No treatment4776012.6
 NH4Cl (20 mM)5478715.90.1542
  • a  Flow cytometry assays were performed twice, and microscopy experiments were performed three times on different days. The results from all replicates were pooled.

  • b  P values were calculated using the chi-square test with the Yates correction.