Analysis of serum and urine samples from melioidosis patients for CPS by Western blotting and antigen capture ELISA

Patient sampleCFUaWestern blotbELISA titerc
 UID12.25 × 1048
 UID2>1 × 105+1,300
 UID37.5 × 104+59
 UID41.2 × 1042.8
 UID5>1 × 105+200
 UID63.5 × 1030
 UID7>1 × 105+550
 UID9<1 × 1030
 UID101 × 1030
 UID121 × 1030
  • a  Quantitative cultures were done with urine samples, and results are reported as the number of CFU/ml. Blood cultures (serum) are reported only as positive or negative. All samples were filtered before analysis for antigen.

  • b  Western blotting was prepared from patient urine or serum and was probed with the CPS MAb 3C5.

  • c  The ELISA titer is the highest dilution of patient urine or serum that produced an OD450 of ≥0.5 in an antigen capture ELISA prepared from MAb 3C5.

  • d  The serum and urine samples were collected from different patients.